Shire of Bryngolau

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Meistr Llywus ap Alan OL




Lady Isouda de Rhos

Arts & Sciences Minister

Theresa Cabeza de Vaca OL

Knight Marshal

Gunnarr Langskeggr


Lord Cristóbal Yamamoto


Diana Blackwood


Meistr Llywus ap Alan OL

This is the one that acts in a similar fashion as the President in any club or organization at the local level. The Seneschal holds meetings to conduct the business of scheduling and pre-planning of events, oversees the other local officers, and takes care of the other mundane 20th Century hassles.

Office Description

The Exchequer is the person who is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the Shire.

This person will try to help you with any project that you have which involves any Medieval art or science. Sciences include anything from armor making to brewing mead. Arts include anything from arts and crafts like pottery and stained glass to music and dance. If he/she can't help personally, the Minister will find someone who can.

The Marshal is in charge of all fighting activities and is the one to contact if you are interested in learning to fight or simply want to find out more about the sport. He/she can also start you on the path to good armor and tell you the basics of what is required of a fighter, including authorizations.

This person is the one who usually greets newcomers at events, loans costumes, has extra feast gear for loaning out and is a general first-source of information about what is going on.

The Shire Webminister is responsible for maintaining the Shire web site, determining web policy for the Shire, and insuring pages are accurate and appropriate for the SCA.

This is the announcer. The Herald takes care of all the announcements that need to be made and represents the voice of the Crown. When the Herald speaks, please give your attention. What is said is usually of interest to all. Another function of this office includes helping people design medieval-style coats of arms (devices) for themselves.